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The Howard Academy of Wisconsin offers career training for jewelers and metalsmiths with a curriculum that focuses on proficiency and craftsmanship using a low tech and low cost approach. We want our graduates of our jewelry school to keep quality and profits up by keeping time, labor and material costs down. Professional training in the metal arts includes:
  • Practical gemology
  • Diamond and gem setting
  • Goldsmithing, welding and forging
  • Casting and mold making
  • Hand engraving and die carving
  • Tool making, jig forming
  • Sculpture and art foundry work
  • Drawing, sketching and layout
  • Troubleshooting for repair and custom work
  • Advanced creative techniques
  • Observation of working shop and store
  • Repair, gold work and production experience
William L. Howard
Master Goldsmith
P.O. Box 472
Stoughton, WI 53589
FAX 608-873-0960